Think Harder

the diary of an over-thinker

You were so afraid of getting hurt that you decided hurting me and letting me go would be an easier option than taking the risk of seeing where we could go. For what it’s worth, I would have never had it in me to hurt you. What a shame this had to be.

Little Things To Remember

- focus more on what makes me happy
- remember to prioritise
- treat my body well: eat better, get fit!
- worry less about the opinion of others
- swear less
- save!: to travel and to pay off my car
- drink less
- keep my room tidy
- spend more time with my family
- reflect every night on the positives of the day
- be nicer to my family
- make more time for different friends
- listen to more music alone
- allow time for myself each day
- smile more
- one random act of kindness everyday
- be more positive
- remember to put myself first
- drink more water
- have breakfast everyday
- go to bed earlier
- sleep in less
- think better of myself
- learn to say no

It makes me feel somewhat insignificant when i remember the fact that all i am, and all the things around me, are only matter. We are only the build up of little tiny atoms floating around, held together by forces. Our emotions and feelings are only chemical reactions occurring within our bodies. But then again, isn’t that a little bit incredible. When you really think about it, say the big bang theory is correct, we are the make up of exploding piles of gas - stars. So we all really have little bits of stars within ourselves that have evolved into something extraordinary over billions of years - life and more importantly, human life. 


As much as i know i shouldn’t, instead of talking about my ‘feelings’ and ‘emotions’ id much prefer to just brush it off into the corner with all the other shit complications that life throws at me.