Think Harder

the diary of an over-thinker

An Outburst of Thoughts

These moments occur irregularly. They may occur when we are alone. They may occur at inappropriate times. They may occur before we sleep or when we awaken. These moments creep up on us and when they hit us our subconscious takes over.

It’s within these moments where we are faced with the reality of our thoughts. The tangled and twisted truths that lie within the depths of our subconscious. These moments that make us realise uncertainties. They make us realise meaning and hope for something to come. They make us realise what we wish to change, neglect and leave behind. Our thoughts begin to devour, they take control of our reality. Our thoughts divide and expand into many dimensions. We begin to think about our thoughts, and develop multiple outlooks on a particular thought. We think about many things at once, and indulge in different perceptions on a particular contemplation. 

These moments are shooting stars, they build up into an explosion, so bright, complex and compact. They are powerful and make us remember everything and everyone that makes us happy and that makes us not. Yet in a glimpse, they are gone, and we begin to forget about this powerful explosion of thought, until the next moment hits us once more. 

- imaginedifferently